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APRIL 1 – MAY 31

MONDAYS – 5:30pm, Mebane Community Park
TUESDAYS – 5:30pm, Mill Creek
SATURDAYS – 9:00am, Cates Farm Park


We welcome walkers of all ages and speeds, and do our best to take advantage of the City Trails, Cates Farm Park, Lake Michael, Mill Creek and the Mebane Community Park.

Mebane Walks group walks are lead by MW Ambassadors, who help determine the route and answer questions. If you have an interest in becoming a Mebane Walks ambassador, please email us at: [email protected]

Safety Rules for all walkers:
1. Register for each session (not each walk)

2. No dogs allowed

3. No smoking, no vaping 

4. Follow the Ambassador and let him/her know if you need to turn around or stop

Keep up-to-date with all things Mebane Walks by visiting our Facebook page HERE


Winter 2022 SessionWednesdays @ 5:30pm, Bell Garden near the corner of 5th and Washington Streets

  • Saturdays @ 9:30am, Cates Farm Park, 1169 N 1st Street
  • Sundays @ 1:00 pm, Bell Garden, corner of Washington and Fifth Streets



Registration is required for everyone participating, including ambassadors. REGISTER HERE when we open our next session! 


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Mebane Walks
Mebane Walks